D R E A M S    D E F E R R E D
"Dreams Deferred" is an original figurative oil painting that depicts a poignant portrayal of a group of disenfranchised young men. The artwork weaves elements of realism and expressionism, capturing the raw emotions and struggles faced by these individuals with striking detail and expressive brush strokes. The muted tones employed throughout the painting serve as a visual representation of the prevailing sense of hopelessness and hardship experienced by the subjects.
The expressionistic elements in the painting further emphasize the emotional turmoil and resilience of these young men, inviting viewers to reflect on the potential consequences of dreams unfulfilled.
It is a heartfelt and thought-provoking piece that seeks to stir emotions and inspire dialogue about the importance of providing support, opportunities, and compassion to those facing hardship and adversity.
SIZE:  75,5w x 80h x 4,5d cm         OIL ON STRETCHED CANVAS
dreamsdeferred Detail 2 (600 x 600)
dreamsdeferred In Room  (600 x 600)
dreamsdeferred  (1894 x 2000)
dreamsdeferred Detail 3 (600 x 600)
dreamsdeferred Detail 1(600 x 600)
dreamsdeferred Frame Detail (600 x 600)
ITEM No  388
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