M Y S T E R Y    G I R L S
"Mystery Girls" captures a moment of wonder and anticipation depicting the delicate forms of two young girls, their faces upturned toward the heavens.
The birds floating above symbolize freedom, aspiration, and the boundless possibilities that lie beyond the earthly realm.   “Mystery Girls” embodies hope and expectation - the kind that dances on the edge of possibility.
The girls’ shared gaze toward the birds invites us to look beyond our immediate surroundings - to seek something greater, something mystical.
I wish for the viewer to experience a moment of suspended time - a pause in the rush of everyday life, and to feel the weightlessness of hope and the beauty of innocence.
May this painting remind us all to look up, to dream, and to believe.
125 W x 125 H x 4.5 D cm         OIL ON CANVAS STRETCHED FRAME
Mystery Girls Pic 2 (2200 x 2188)
Mystery Girls with Artist (900 x 924)
Mystery Girls In Room (900 x 900)
Mystery Girls Detail 3 (900 x 900)
Mystery Girls Detail 2 (900 x 900)
Mystery Girls Detail 1 (900 x 900)
ITEM No  393
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