P E A C O C K    B L U E

"Peacock Blue"  is an original oil portrait of a peacock, rendered in a realistic and romantic style. The intricate details and precise brushwork bring the majestic bird to life, showcasing its vibrant plumage and regal presence. The subtle blue and green tones add depth and a sense of ethereal beauty to the composition, enhancing the peacock's allure.

This bird portrait symbolizes its association with beauty, grace, and pride. The baroque background, with its ornate frame, adds a touch of opulence and a nod to classical artistry.

Through this painting, I hope to evoke a sense of awe, wonder, and a connection with the inherent beauty of nature and I invite you to embrace the innate beauty that exists in the world around us.
SIZE:  70w x 80h x 1,7d cm         OIL ON STRETCHED CANVAS
Peacock Blue Detail 1 (600 x 600)
Peacock Blue Detail 4 (600 x 600)
Peacock Blue (1586 x 1800)
Peacock Blue Detail 2 (600 x 600)
Peacock Blue Detail 3 (600 x 600)
Peacock Blue Frame (600 x 600)
ITEM No  385
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