T H E   M A R C H  -  A N   A F R I C A N   O D Y S S E Y

"The March - an African Odyssey" is an original figurative oil painting that serves as a powerful allegory of the African experience shaped by centuries of imperialistic domination. Through a fusion of realism and expressionism, the artwork brings to life the collective struggle and profound sense of hopelessness endured by generations of Africans.

The inspiration for this work draws from a deep sense of historical awareness and a desire to shed light on the enduring impact of imperialism on the African continent. The painting encapsulates the resilience of African people in the face of systemic oppression and the enduring spirit that has carried them through generations.

I hope to elicit a profound emotional response from viewers. The realistic portrayal and expressionistic elements combine to convey the weight of history and the intensity of the African experience. Mannerisms that emphasize hopelessness, fear, restraint, despair, desperation, resignation, anger, disorientation, anguish, and struggle are designed to evoke empathy, understanding, and reflection among viewers. It's an invitation to reckon with the legacy of imperialism, recognize the strength of the African spirit, and foster a deeper appreciation for the complex narratives of African history.

In essence, this painting acts as a visual narrative that serves as a call to engage with the complexities of history and the need for a more equitable and inclusive future.
195.6 W x 104.5 H x 4.5 D cm         OIL ON CANVAS STRETCHED FRAME
The March (3000 x 1594)
The March Detail 1 (600 x 600)
The March Detail 2  (600 x 600)
ITEM No  390
The March Detail 3 (600 x 600)
The March Detail 4  (600 x 600)
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The March Detail 5 (600 x 600)
The March Frame Detail  (600 x 600)