W O O D    U R N

"Wood Urn" is an original still life oil painting featuring a classic wooden urn as the subject. This artwork blends elements of realism and expressionism, capturing the essence of the urn in detail while infusing it with a touch of emotional expression. The muted tones employed in the painting serve to accentuate the natural wood texture, adding depth and enhancing the organic quality of the urn.
The hint of craftsmanship and the beauty of the natural material evokes a sense of contemplation, nostalgia, and even a hint of melancholy, and is a homage to the allure of traditional craftsmanship.
SIZE:  50,5w x 50,5h x 1,6d cm         OIL ON LINEN
Woodurn Detail 2 (600 x 600)
Woodurn In Room (600 x 600)
Woodurn (3000 x 3024)
Woodurn Detail 3 (600 x 600)
Woodurn Detail 1 (600 x 600)
ITEM No  387
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